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"The Winter Solstice 2001! Happened on Thursday Nite - Friday Morning (21/22 June 2001). A donation party... feat. lighting by The Travelling Candlelight Bonanza & doof crew! fire-twirling & crazy U.V. decor @ Belthorpe doof. (Just north of Brisbane)"

"Cold!! But still an awesome event... Images captured from the doof Thursday nite - Friday AM, 21st of June 2001."

"In the lush surrounds of upper Woodford, this doof location is a short drive from Brisbane (1 hour approx.)"

"Flowers in the sky..." See 'Flowers' & the 'sky'. Doof, doof, doof...

"The Winter Solstice doof was quite memorable, with quality psy-trance & WoW!-Amazing decor!"

Latest party pictures captured by Doof-Crew! Thanks to all those who made the party so special.

Donations appeciated: )