From dusk till dawn @ Doppy's beach - Figal Dec 31st 2001 - 1st Jan 2002.

Giiwa productions, in association with geomantric creations + PSY FM supplying audio enhancements..

Pechti Shaman (Crab Nebula) playing Fingal New Year's 2002!

A psychedelic-trance inspired beach party/ doof on a full-moon ganesha - vibe!

Tanina & Nathan(Fluromancer)

Psy-fluro decor by geomatric..

Geometric creations glowing in U.V.

New Year's Day @ Fingal Beach Jan 1st. 2002!

The best New Year's ever, an intimate affair with quality trance playing till morning!

Thanks to all those who made this doof possible, it was really fun!