"Guanaba Creek Party! Happened on Friday Nite - Saturday Morning (14-15th) Easter Weekend 2001. Paul's donation party, his set was mind-expanding!"

A Psychedelic Trance Journey down Quanaba Creek Rd. in the lush surrounds of Mt. Tamborine...

A magic morning of electrofying mind squelching psychedelic trance uplifting dancing in the bush...

Great to see so many happy faces had enjoyed Good Friday & had stayed on in the morning to dance to the awesome soundz of the best psy-trance DJ's on the Coast.

Fluronauts, hippies, doofer's the croud is full of characters. (Synapse.)

Even my brother Slim turned up to Guanaba Creek. WOW!

The doof went on til 12 Noon the next morning with the marvelous crew making the most of the magnificant weather in South East QLD.

More trance fueled trance members stomping to the electronic psychedelica being blasted from the humble sound system.

Latest pictures from the doof @ Guanaba Creek.. Check-out the artwork of the lovely Kate Quinn. Shiva. The Traveling Candlelight Bonanza setup great lighting installations, the sound gear set-up was real loud!

Steve "Ziggy" back from his Melbourne holiday (stint away) caught-up with alot of ppl including myself.

Doof Crew! Bangas, Kate & Ziggy setup Lights & U.V. Decor!