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Dj Satoru (Japan) playing fine night trance set!

A word of mouth... gathering of psy-inspired friends & other locals :P

A frolic under pale moonlight, the evening was quite special!!

Dj Pechti Shaman (Scotland) rocking set keeping the vibe!

Great to see Eddie back safe from his travels, to his homeland...

Disco lighting contribution illuminated the dancefloor, while...

Re-psycle (giiwa) set kept the party pumping!

An awesome sunrise this party went on well into the morning...

Doofers enjoying morning set by Synapse (Chillingham)

Franny (Deamon Tea) back from a successful world tour!

Thanks to all of those who made the event possible, (Peta) another fine doof!

Check out! Gi'iwa Productions web-site!!

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