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Wddlic Dftrncs

Spiky equinox bush party and landcare event @ Belthorpe!
Spraci Website Link for party info

The Travelling Kaledoscopic Candlelight Bonanza, in conjunction with some mighty fine audio..

Franny (Demon Tea), pictured playing an awesome set inc. Tea Chairs tracks & Vicous Spiral!

Ooops! Caught Blinking..during his excellent evening Psy-Trance set March 23, 2002.

The music was interesting enough for those who turned out...

Jay (a.k.a Mecanoid) playing early Sunday Morning, fine tracks.

Amazing eye candy by Damo & Crew! Awesome audio, great production!

A good turn-out for this wicked party! Impressive fireworks, 3D-decor! pics by psybangas