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Spring Equinox 22/9/01 - photos by psybangas a.k.a Bancroft.

SPRiNG eQuiNoX Doof Saturday 22nd-23rd September 2001. Pics taken at the party..

An excellent party.. Sound by Duncan, Lights by Bangas, Food & Chai by Margret.. Yum!

Dj Satoru after his wicked set, including the cartman track: "Hippies! They're all around me.. All they do is smoke pot & smell bad..."

Funky shots from the SPRiNG eQuiNoX, Dj Pechti Shamen mixing..

The doof pumped all nite with colourful lights & loud, crisp audio pleasing those lucky to find the party!

Latest party pictures captured by Doof-Crew!

Doof documentation by psybangas.