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So you might be wondering who is psybangas?

Cheers! my name is Bancroft Hulme, I'm 33 and from the Northern Territory, Australia.

For many years I lived in Brisbane, Queensland and studied a double-degree in Business & Creative Industries at QUT.

Having graduated from uni in 2005 I've been working for Rio Tinto Alcan in Gove since 2006.

Bancroft follows the global underground electronic music scene whether it be @ massive open air festivals, intimate full moon parties, or stylish clubs with good lighting, lasers and like minded people who love and live for the music!

After attending Shiva Moon in Germany (1999) I was exposed to psychedelic trance. Since then I've attended many productions around Australia including Earthcore Global Carnival experience & Future Music Festival.

The outdoor experience is an incredible interactive experiment in creativity. It's the one place where you're free to let go, and really see what your capable of creating without worrying what people will think.

A future career path making parties & events unforgetable with mind bending laser graphics? This may one day be my reality.

For years I've supported the Soulseek file sharing community.

Check out the Mixing is an excellent community for mixes.

Likewise the best electronic music can be found at Proton Radio's On Demand service.


Finally, Demonoid lives on Click Here!