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Mixtapes and CDs

* "The Star Wars Show" w/ guest MC Salamander (Side A: Funky Breaks Side B:French + Disco house) *NO LONGER AVAILIBLE-LIMITED COPIES MADE*

* "A Piece Of The Pie" (Funky Breaks) *AVAILIBLE NOW*

* "DJ WOP vs DJ KWAINE: The Christmas Collaboration" (Nu Skool Breaks) *NO LONGER AVAILIBLE - VERY LIMITED COPIES MADE*

* "DJ WOP: The Essential Josef Mix" (French and Disco House) *AVAILIBLE NOW*

* "Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Wappiness" (Nu Skool / Funky Breaks) *AVAILIBLE NOW*

To Order CDs or Tapes Email Progressing Beats and send a check or money order for $5.00 to this address:
Josh Smotherman
121 Stratford Drive
Slidell, LA 70458