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List of events Robo has played at:

Resident @ Bullwinkle's - Thibideaux, LA
Resident @ La Casa - Houma, LA
Wizard's Knightclub - Houma, LA
The Abyss - Houma, LA
The Showdown - Thibideaux, LA
Ground Up (first edition) - Biloxi, MS
A little House in the jungle - Biloxi, MS
Ground UP (second edition) - Biloxi, MS
Weekly at Club Bedlam - Pensacola, FL
Recess 3 - New Orleans, LA
DJ Swamp - New Orleans, LA
The Party That Stole Christmas - New Orleans, LA
The Love Shack - Biloxi, MA
U Kan't Stop - Houma, LA
BeatBoy's Birthday Bash - New Orleans, LA
Progressing Beats' First Annual Throwdown-a-thon - New Orleans, LA
Arcade Sessions - New Orleans, LA
State Palace Annual Mardi Gras Festival(Sat, March 24) - New Orleans, LA
Enrapture - baton rouge, LA Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo - club 735 New Orleans