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What the hell is Progressing Beats?

Progressing Beats was originally started up by Wop and Robo in late 2000. The idea and name were actually compliments of Robo. At the time Progressing Beats was thought up, Robo and Wop were with Breakdown Productions. It was during a long car ride from thibodeaux to slidell to baton rouge (and then back to New Orleans that night to see huda hudia and Johnny Cage at 735)....Wop and Robo were having yet another in depth discussion about electronic music and the future of breaks and whatnot...when the subject of conversation turned towards the future of Wop and Robo. It was then that the idea of Progressing Beats was first uttered. Robo explained that if him and Wop were ever no longer with any other production crew that they would start their own crew. Of course all Deejays have this conversation with thier best friend/fellow dj at one point or what made this one so special? What made it special was that not only did Wop and Robo possess the utmost love and respect for music and what they did, but overall they possessed the utmost love and respect for each other. They were now two best friends with a foundation for a dream but no name for this dream. When the question of what to name this dream arose...Robo blurted out..."Progressing Beats". The reasoning behind the name was simple...because the two believed that in order to become who they wanted to be and become the best at what they did, they could never stop progressing. Constant progress....constant achievement. However, it was not until early January 2001 that Robo and Wop officially became Progressing Beats.

Progressing Beats was started with the intention that it would be only Wop and one else. However, when something holds so much potential that it almost seems unreal and holds promise to one day become great, you can't pass it up. Enter Brian Winters..aka DJ Sincere. Wop and Robo became good friends with Sincere and soon after they realized that he was perfect for Progressing Beats.

Robo and Wop had a fourth perfect fit for Progressing Beats that had been sitting right under their noses since years before PB was even thought of. Fellow dj and best friend to Wop, Robo, and Sincere was none other than Kid Flight...aka squirrel. Seeing how Squirrel had been spinning much longer than anyone in the came to our attention that maybe Progressing Beats needed a fourth piece. Then, in Feb of 2001, Kid Flight was asked to become the fourth piece to Progressing Beats. Before Wop and Sincere could even get the question of joining out of their mouths...Squirrel wholeheartedly agreed with a smile.

Wop, Robo, Sincere, and Kid Flight...We are Progressing Beats... and we cannot...and will stopped.

-Progressing Beats