Official complicity in 9-11

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======================================= September 11: Guilt in High Places

(1) Evidence of official complicity in the actual events of 9-11

(2) Interviews related to 9-11 & Afghanistan

[28 December 2002]

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======================================= 1) *Evidence of Official Complicity in 9-11*

A) Failure to scramble planes on 9-11 and the attempt to cover this up.

B) How George Bush's behavior during his visit to the Booker School on 9-11 betrayed consciousness of guilt.

C) General overviews off what happened on 9-11.

D) Technical references (maps, timetables).

E) Background & related information.

A) Failure to scramble planes

* 'Powerful Evidence that Air Force Was Made to Stand Down on 9-11,' by John Flaherty & Jared Israel

* 'Why Were None of the Hijacked Planes Intercepted?' [Posted 14 November 2001] Discusses the failure to scramble planes over Washington, D.C. until after the Pentagon was hit. It also provides a general outline of our charges. This is useful because some material has not yet been posted.

* 'Mr. Cheney's Cover Story' [Posted 20 November 2001] Discusses Vice President Cheney's remarkable appearance September 16th on "Meet the Press." Cheney's attempt to cover-up the failure to scramble planes makes things worse.

B) George Bush's behavior in visit to Booker School

* 'Bush in the Open' - Given that George Bush and his staff knew a terrorist attack was underway *before* their motorcade left their hotel (the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort) why did he show up at the Booker School that day? *

* "Bush Gets Tangled in his 9-11 Lies Part 1: A Strange White House Press Conference..." at

and "Part 2: White House Cover-up Creates more Problems than it Solves" at

* "The President as Incompetent Liar: Bush's Claim that he Saw TV Footage of 1st Plane Hitting WTC " at

* 'George W. Bush Betrayed Consciousness of Guilt on 9-11,' by Francisco Gil-White and Jared Israel

C) General overviews of officials' actions on 9-11

* 'Criminal Negligence or Treason?' Commentary on a 'NY Times' article. This was the first article that we know of that pointed out the implications of the failure to mount an air defense on September 11. Written by Jared Israel in consultation with Emperor's Clothes writer Illarion Bykov and Canadian Attorney Tiphaine Dickson. [Posted 15 September 2001]

Frequently Asked Questions on 9-11 Includes: 'FAQ #1 - Nobody was prepared for 9-11' and 'FAQ #2 - Dan Rather Discovers Planes *were* Scrambled After All! (This is a must read!)

Canadian TV Airs Emperor's Clothes 'Guilty For 9-11' Evidence! by John Flaherty [5 February 2002]

'9-ll: Ho-Hum, Nothing Urgent' by George Szamuely Research & documentation by Illarion Bykov and Jared Israel

'Scrambled Messages' - 'New York Press' article based on the 'Guilty for 9-11' Series. by George Szamuely [Posted 14 December 2001]

D) Technical references (maps, timetables)

* 'Map & Timetable for American Airlines Flight 77' [Posted 8 December 2001]

* 'Map of Andrews Air Force Base' [Posted 20 November 2001]

E) Background & related information

'Operation Northwoods: Plan for Terror to Justify War' We know about this plan through the Freedom of Information Act. How many such plans do we *not* know of?

It was developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The purpose: to stage phony anti-US terrorist attacks and blame them on Cuba.

These plans allowed for the possibility of killing hundreds or even thousands of US citizens (by sinking a US military ship) and non-citizens (Cuban refugees). Then Castro would be blamed. This would make the US the victim and thus justify nuclear attack on the Socialist states (!)

We have posted the Northwoods document in full both as a pdf file and as regular web pages. We have also posted a commentary by Jared Israel with hyperlinks to the full text of Northwoods so you can see the context of the excerpts on which he is commenting.

* 'Reader Says Emperor's Clothes Wrong on bin Laden, 9-11' A very interesting debate. [Posted 28 September 2001]

* 'Russian Air Force Chief Says Official 9-11 Story Impossible' [Posted 13 September 2001]

* '911: Letting It Happen' By Ken McCarthy [Posted 1 February 2002]

* "'Explosives Planted In Towers,' New Mexico Tech Expert Says" [Posted 14 September 2001] Important Note: Since we re-posted this article from the 'Albuquerque Journal,' that newspaper has published a retraction. We have written some comments on the retraction and given the article a new title, 'In Curious Battle: An Expert Recants on Why WTC Collapsed.' It is posted at the original address,, with a link to the retraction.


(2) *Emperor's Clothes Interviews on 9-11, Afghanistan*


* 'Interview with Manager at Huffman Aviation Casts Doubt on Official Story' Interview by Jared Israel [Conducted and posted 13 September 2001]

* 'Red Cross Spokesmen Refute Pentagon Lies' Interview by Jared Israel [1 November 2001]

New 15 June 2002 - "What Really Happened on 9-11?" - The Transcript Text of Jared Israel Interviewed by Mark Haim on Radio

"What Really Happened on 9-11?" - Audio File Jared Israel interviewed by Mark Haim KOPN 89.5 FM Evening Edition * 2 April 2002 1st of 2 interviews [Posted 15 May 2002] To access this you need a computer with speakers. There *might* be problems with Netscape and AOL.


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