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Natural Habitat Center

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3464 Lawrenceville Highway - Lawrenceville, GA 30244
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          This Natural Habitat Center is here to help our community to develop better ways to reduce waste, improve life style, bring back the natural beauty of the area, and recreate natural habitats for our wildlife. It will provide a future site for educating our youth about plants, wildlife, wetlands, and the value of our enviornment.

          We will sell no product that would be harmful to the enviornment. We will sell no habitats unless there is a full understanding of the beauty and lasting impact of this effort in every apartment, yard and landscape.

          The Garden of Eden Natural Habitat Center is supported by the sale of memberships in our educational program and the small profit from assisting in developing natural habitats in every yard -- well under current market prices.

          You can buy your membership for only $49.00, and enjoy the benefits listed below... Memberships make great gifts for persons who you know would enjoy this beauty at their own home... The membership program is non-profit with 20% of sales prices going into the wetlands educational center.

Each member receives one each of the following...

      Natural bird feeder - ($7 value)
Natural blend of bird feed - (1# bag) ($3 value)
Natural blend of oil sponge to pick up any small oil spiil - ($3 value)
Natural Habitat Book - (Value $19.95)
Natural Habitat (seasonal) Christmas arrangement - (Value $24.95)
Natural Habitat Center certificate of membership (framed)
Natural Habitat Center certificate of wetland preservation (framed)
Natural Habitat Center set of coupons and discounts - (Value unlimited)
Natural Habitat Center gift coupon toward site survey - (Value $50)

Membership package immediate value is $108.00
and unlimited lifetime benefits.

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Tanya Colee

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Look for these upcoming seminars...

How to deal with OSHA and enviornmental problems in industry

How to create your own natural habitat on a budget

How to create your own natural habitat

How to attract butterflies, birds and hummers to your yard

How to create and install your own pond

On-Site Surveys to Help You...

          Site surveys will be charged at $100 within a 50 mile radius and $25 per each 20 miles over 50 miles. (ie: 100 miles would be $225). Members will receive a $50 credit off these prices.

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