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To: Justin Youngblood
To board up a maximun of 25-30 foreclosed residences. Change one entry lock at each location. Labor only @ $125.00/hr for 3 man crew. We estimate about one hour per site, so we will cap the price at a labor rate of $125.00 / house assuming all are single story. This price holds true if and only if we do the whole lot. We will use Home Depot or Lowes for cheapest plywood and fastening hardware
We will present all receipts for materials. Assuming standard window sizes and door sizes each opening will use a full sheet (window 3'x5', plywood 4'x8'), or betwwen 10-20 sheets per home. We estimate 5 homes / day, and we wish to be paid on a daily basis for each batch done that day. We can provide pictures and any other info.

We look forward to also helping with the refurbishment, management and marketing of these and other homes in the future.

Robert Colee