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They said I should have died when I was about 2 or 3 years old. We were living in Sarasota Florida at the time and my father was studying, on the G.I. Bill at Ringling school of Art at the time.

My remembrances of this period included of my Dad's short wave radio, my (cleverly---I thought) mixing salt and pepper in the same shaker for convenience and the trouble it caused when my mother discovered it. I also remember creatively "redecorating" some of my Dad's art work much to his disapproval and the sand fight with the little neighbor girl (Brenda?).Most of all , though, I remember the sickness which engulfed both me and my parents to such an extent, that my Dad's mother, Lydia, finally had to be called for help.

It seems that my parents and I had been struck with pneumonia. My parents called for Lydia to come and take me to St. Augustine for care. Right after arriving at my Grandmothers house it was decided that I should be admitted to the hospital.

My memories of this period were filled with the sound of ambulance sirens outside the hospital window, and my Aunt Mildred, who was a military nurse. When I survived pneumonia everyone in the family said it was a miracle. Some of the medicine that was tried on me had apparently just been developed for the military in World War II. At that time the recovery rate for pneumonia was very low.

From my early childhood I remember things, sometimes I feel "Alienated" in these memories. At the Surfside house when I was five, I felt that I was being observed. This was most terrifying, and I would start screaming for my parents comfort. At the Meadow Street house I saw a giant space man looking in my window. He (?) was dressed in what resembled a diving suit and was seven or eight feet tall. Hiding under my sheets I tried not to move or even breath in my terror. Hours of silent terror passed until dawn. That afternoon Edgar and I had permission to camp out in the back yard, as we were only seven or eight years old at the time and had not earned the privilege of terrorizing the wild life in the woods adjacent to our property yet. I proudly showed Edgar my spaceman's boot prints under the window. He promptly denied that the prints which were about one and a half feet long, had any thing to do with my "nightmare", as my family referred to my nocturnal visits. Instead I got some friendly ribbing and we proceeded with our camping venture.

Sometime in my 5th to 8th year Science Fiction became fashionable at our local movie theater.

Our family saw "War of the Worlds", "The Thing" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" among other features. The theme seemed to be that there were good and bad space aliens invading Earth and that it was centered on our paranoid "Cold War Period" and the recent explosion of atomic weapons of war.

I had many nightmares during this period which my family would blame on the movies, maybe not, as the content of my dreams would for the most part be totally different from the content of the movies.

Many times late at night I would sneak into my sister's spare bed so that my fear would subside with her sleeping presence eight feet away.

!0,500 B.C. I am in my royal yacht "Queen of Venus Starship", we have just arrived in a parking orbit between Mars and Jupiter. As a Prince my task is to open the black hole, so that Atlantis can escape the debris that the Coalition has thrown at our world. We had been on a mission to Mars for genetic rebuilding. There are one hundred and forty four of us in the mission. We are a team made up of Human, Martian, other humanoids and Angelic beings. Since Gina on Earth had given me the rod of power to use on Mars, Atlantis was now vulnerable. The plan was to create an artificial worm hole to swallow up the comet. Our ship ran on beam power, some of which was beamed from our home and some which we manufactured. An elaborate relay system had been provided for us on earth and Mars in the form of pyramidal structures as well as in space in the form of satellites. On board we had a generator that cut the flux of the local system.

We formed a fleet of several ships of the same class as the "Queen" as well as some tenders and freighters. The plan was to use our crystal rod to open this artificial black hole and to stabilize and guide it. We failed. I was in my space suit out side when we lost beam power. The disk of the sun rotated in front of my visor. My communicator did not work as I tapped a distress signal on the pad. We had entered the event horizon from our worm hole, this was not planned. Falling forever, falling forever, falling forever, time ceased and became eternity.

1953-57 A.D. I woke from a dream screaming. I had been in a space suit and I was facing the sun and I would fall forever. This nightmare would repeat for years on a regular basis.

During this period I was fascinated by science and technology. Possessing a book on astronomy and the local solar system, given by my mother, was my pride and joy in the second grade. The school work was boring because I did not care to read "See Jane run, run run run." I was finding the universe instead.

By the time I was entering the 4th grade my thirst for science fiction would consume 3 or more books a week. We had a weekly run to the library for years as my thirst grew.

I would get into fights at school over my belief that man would one day go to the planets and then to the stars. Around this time some of the books that were checked out at the library were written by one of my favorite authors Robert Heinlein. My family doctor discovered me reading these books, and told me he would beat me in a race to outer space. Eagerly I accepted his challenge and informed him that he was too old anyway, and I Would get there first. My mother witnessed this incident and the story soon spread far and wide of my race with the good doctor. As my studies progressed I leaned towards Aeronautical Engineering and later towards Physics. Settling on a interest in Electronics my ambition to fly and later travel space never flagged. I witnessed the race for space by Russia and the United States.

1957 A.D. Sputnik! Need I say more. All of a sudden my class mates admired my knowledge of aerospace. All through this period until we moved to Sarasota Florida in 1960 we sat on the front seat of the launches from the "Cape". I know what a "Vanguard" looks like when it explodes, I have seen the whole array of our early space efforts, in both success and failure. We would watch "Echo" a large Mylar balloon radio reflector satellite glide over on schedule.
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