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Press Release 2005

Robert Colee has been appointed Director of Engineering Services.

Colee comes from a strong Technical and Telecommunications background. He served with the United States Air Force, in Aerospace Ground Equipment Technology ( including Power Generation, HVAC and Quality Control). He flew search and rescue missions for the Civil Air Patrol. He designed and maintained biomedical equipment. In 1990, Colee started a telecommunications company, Global Communications Group which became a National Support Center for sale and repair of Hitachi PBX/PABX Telephone equipment. Global also became a pioneer in E-commerce featured at the 1996 Olympics by A.T.& T.

Mr. Colee's companies and concerns include:

Global Communications Group
(PABX Telephone, Satellite Telephony, Russian Gorizont Satellites, Aerospace, Internet, Web Development, LAN, Wireless, Interconnect, Systems Integration, Supercomputer, D.O.D. and International Trade Relations.)

(Wireless Internet, Cellular, Pager, Web Design and Trade Shows.)

Hitachi Telecom
(PBX/PABX Telephone and Wireless)

Healthdyne Industries
(Lab Calibration)

Earth Station Satellite Systens
(Satellite TVRO)

Home Microwave Receivers
(Satellite TVRO)

Synergetics Inc.
(Enterprise System Integration of Prototype X-ray Computer Aided Tomography Vehicles)

Email: bobcolee@yahoo.com