When you see an attractive man or woman they are in fact a mirror for your inner man or woman. The more attractive they are the more they accurately mirror your inner man or woman.

The desire then acts to bring us physically close to the other and the sexual act begins however sometimes the orgasm is a non event and other times it is intensely blissful, why? Because sex is more than just pleasure derived from physical stimulation. I have heard say that most people's experience of sexual orgasm is really just confined to a physical genital experience. But there is another dimension to sexual orgasm and that is the domain of meditation.

Bring more love and ecstasy into your relationships You see the desire for the other and the physical experience of sex is really just a way for a circuit in the brain to be completed. When the circuit is completed we have an orgasm. The more perfectly the circuit is completed then the more intense the orgasm. Meditation is a way for us to complete that circuit in the most perfect way without actually having sex. In this way we are able to transform the desire into something spiritual and we become free of the prison of desire. In this way one can then enter into relationships and sex without the usual inhibitions and desired outcomes that one may have, and sex can then become truly orgasmic both in a physical and spiritual sense.

Osho tells us that meditation probably originated from someone's fascination about what happens during the peak of orgasm and during deep sleep. During deep sleep the mind is non existent which is corroborated by brain wave research.

Likewise when we become totally involved in a sexual experience then the mind is forced to retreat into the background. At the peak of orgasm for a few moments the mind disappears and we enter into silence, and it is out of this silence that the ecstasy originates. You see the ecstasy of sex is not so much about the physical pleasure but about being so total in a physical act that we enter a no-mind state. In this no-mind state we discover that there is bliss and ecstasy.

If you can become total in any physical activity, say for example surfing, dancing, sky diving, running even singing, chanting or prayer then you can enter that same inner silence and experience the same state of ecstasy. Most of us make the error in thinking however that it is the activity that creates the feeling rather than in understanding that it is the result of becoming so totally involved in a non mind activity that we move beyond the mind into the silent core of our being where the bliss and ecstasy is constantly showering.

Tantra meditation does not usually involve physical sex in the beginning because most meditators ability to witness is not strong enough. Hence one should spend as much time as possible in building a strong witness through sitting meditations so that when one does sit opposite a partner with whom there is sexual attraction then they are able to bring their total awareness to the witnessing of their sexual desires. In Tantra meditation one basically sits opposite one's friend or lover, clothed or unclothed, eyes open, half closed or closed and brings the awareness to the sensations of desire in the body. It is not important that you or your partner be clothed just that you are dressed in a way that generates desire in yourself and the other. Lovers, ideally should agree upon a fixed time period to sit in meditation before engaging in actual sex. In this way one learns to accept, for a few minutes at least, that the outcome of sex is not possible, which has the effect hopefully of bringing you away from the future and more back into the present.

With regular practise of Tantra meditation one learns to distinguish the difference between physical pleasure and the ecstasy that comes from dissolving into the depths of silence found at the core of your being. Eventually, during meditation with no actual physical contact, one is able to have an intense full body cosmic orgasm. The experience may be felt as if God is making love to you. This is not a mind phenomena but an actual intense physical experience experienced while sitting absolutely still, with sexual breathing but without ejaculation and often without an erection. Both males and females can experience these cosmic orgasms. My sense is that all meditators should eventually have this experience as a natural result of their meditations. I have found Deeksha meditation to be extremely useful in speeding up the process.

I spent 20 years listening to Osho talk about meditation and I had some amazing experiences but it was only around 2003 when I consciously began to use my modeling skills was I able to construct meditation techniques that deepened my meditation significantly. For about a year I was on the verge of ecstasy in my meditations and then after having a number of Deekshas my meditations rapidly deepened to such a level that I began to have what I call full-body cosmic orgasms. If you would like to learn more then feel free to attend my 7 Week Meditation Course or one of the Bihar School of Yoga line Doctors, gurus and neighborhood do-gooders are all in the habit of prescribing relaxation as a remedy for taut nerves, work pressures and emotional upheavals. But very few know, or will tell you, how to accomplish the deceptively simple task of relaxing. Yoga Nidra seems to have the answer. Although it finds mention in old tantric texts, it was rediscovered 20-odd years ago by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY) in Munger, eastern India. He translates Yoga Nidra as psychic sleep and describes it as a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation, while maintaining awareness at the deeper levels. Indeed, the practice is so relaxing that it becomes almost impossible to remain awake. But you come out feeling more rested than you do after a good night's sleep, and injected with large doses of gumption to tackle the day's tasks. The Swami says that prolonged suspension between wakefulness and sleep\emdash called the hypnogogic state\emdash in Yoga Nidra may have untold benefits that go beyond the therapeutic.

You practice Yoga Nidra while lying prone and follow the spoken instructions of a teacher. It is, of course, convenient to use the Yoga Nidra tape, or record one yourself. In the first phase of the session, you progressively relax your muscles by quickly running attention through different parts of the body. This is followed by an awakening of sensations of pairs of polar opposites, such as heaviness and lightness. The last phase is a rapid Mind/personal-growth/creative-visualization of some nature images and abstract symbols. But what is the purpose of each phase of the practice ? From neurophysiology we know that each part of the body has a different control center in the brain\emdash curiously, small ones such as the fingers or armpits claim a large brain area. The movement of awareness through different parts of the body not only relaxes them, but also clears nerve pathways to the brain. The alternating of opposite sensations such as heat and cold, heaviness and lightness, helps to improve the body's ability to regain balance and brings the related involuntary functions under conscious control. Visualization is a method of consciously using a symbol our image as a catalyst to provoke a reaction in the unconscious mind. But since no time is given for the conscious mind to react, you remain detached and the ego becomes temporarily inactive. This phase helps to resolve suppressed conflicts, desires, memories and sanskaras. In each session, you also repeat a sankalpa, or resolve. It should be a short statement, phrased in positive language and in the present tense. For example, your resolve could be: "I am taking full care of my family." The resolve gets embedded deep in the subconscious and is bound to bear fruit in time.

An abridged transcript from the BSY's 30-minute Yoga Nidra audio cassette:

Lie down in Savasana with the body stretched out, the head in straight line with the body, feet apart, arms besides the body and palms of the hands turned upwards. Make yourself comfortable. After this, there should be no body movement. Close your eyes and keep them closed till the end of the session. Make a promise to yourself that "I will not sleep, I will remain awake".\line\line\bullet Take a deep breath and as you breathe in, feel the coolness and calmness spreading throughout the body. As you breathe out, feel your cares and worries flowing out of you. Become aware of the body and relax completely. Relax your body mentally. Become aware of the breath as it moves between the navel and the throat. Do not try to breathe long and deep. Repeat your resolve mentally three times with feeling and awareness. We now begin to rotate the awareness from one part of the body to the next. Repeat the name of the part in your mind and simultaneously become aware of it. Try to remain alert, but do not concentrate. Become aware of the right side of the body. Take your awareness to the right hand thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, palm, back of the hand, wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, armpit, waist, hip, thigh, kneecap, calf muscle, ankle, heel, sole of the foot, the top of the foot, toes. Now repeat the previous step but this time with the left side. Bring the awareness to the back. Become aware of the shoulder blades, the buttocks, the spine, the whole back together. Now go to the top of the head, the forehead, temples, the eyebrows, the space between the eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, ears, cheeks, nose, the tip of the nose, lips, chin, throat, right chest, left chest, navel, abdomen... the whole front.

The whole of the right leg, the left leg, both legs together. The whole of the right arm, the left arm, both arms. Do not sleep. Say to yourself : "I am awake, I am practicing yoga Nidra". Become aware of the meeting points between the body and the floor\emdash the sharp meeting points. Now concentrate on your body, as if seeing it from the outside. Look at your body lying on the floor as an object, a reflection in an imaginary mirror. Now imagine a well, dark and deep. Look into it. There is a bucket on a chain, you lower it into the well. It moves into the darkness of the well. You cannot see it. Now pull the bucket up, out of the darkness, into the light. Ask yourself : "What am I thinking?" Do not think, but become aware of the thought process, become a witness. Now awaken the feeling of lightness\emdash as if the body is made of cotton. Your body seems to be floating away from the floor. Next, awaken the feeling of heaviness, as if the body is made of lead. Awaken the sensation of heat, the experience of heat. The whole body is hot. Now experience bitter cold in the body. Try to remember the experience of pain, mental or physical. And the feeling of pleasure\emdash relive it, make it vivid. Now try to visualize some images\emdash on the level of feeling, awareness and emotion. Let each one appear like a slide on your mental screen. Flickering candle, tall palm tree, a car moving on the road, yellow clouds, blue clouds, starlit night, full moon, standing dog, reposing cat, moving elephant, racing horse, rising sun behind the mountains, setting sun behind the mountains, setting sun behind the ocean, ocean with waves, a big lake with crystal clear water, blue lotus, white lotus, pink lotus, a boat sailing on the water\emdash see the ripples, chimney smoke rising from an old house, the dawn of the day, a yogi in deep meditation. Become a witness of your awareness\emdash not the body, not the senses, not the mind. Nothing but awareness. Become aware that you are observing yourself. Look within and try to be aware of the one who is looking. Go into chidakasa(the space behind the forehead). In the chidakasa there is a flaming light. Find that light and you will see a golden egg in the center of that light. A small golden egg, very bright, shimmering. Repeat your resolve again, thrice. Relax all efforts, draw your mind outside and become aware of your breathing. Become aware of your surroundings, the room you are in. Lie quietly for some time and keep your eyes closed. Start moving and stretching your body. When you are sure that you are wide awake, sit up slowly and open your eyes.
Alan Watts - Yoga

Alan Watts - The Human Game

Man in Nature
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heart sutra

Science of the Orgasm
Theraputic Massage
By Regina Nuzzo

"What is Spiritual Chemistry"

Spiritual chemistry is about relationships
where people feel a "magnetic" attraction to another person~
a "twinkle in the eye" or very lovely inner feeling,
even without talking
Relationships that are prompted
by "just a thought" of them,
seeing them or seeing anything that reminds you of them,
that is your mind and soul is connecting yourself
with their mind and thoughts

Such thought energies are ones mind and soul
communicating with you
and likewise with the other persons mind and soul
is feeling the same inner feeling for you,
your souls are communicating with each other,
this gives you the "inner spiritual feeling"
that you are made for each other,
an inexplicable inner "spiritual chemistry"

Such a "spiritual chemistry"
is definately a sign that this is someone
important in your life
and definately from ones "soulgroup"
The important question
"how do you identify if they are your true soulmate?"
This needs you to understand the "soulmate chemistry":-

Soulmates, and all members of ones soulgroup
have a unique telepathic communication of thought energies
in the minds and souls of the whole soulgroup
All the souls of ones soulgroup
know and sense exactly what the other members are feeling
They all have the same thoughts, feelings and emotions
at the same time
They feel pain, when people in their soulgroup are in pain,
and likewise they feel the happiness,
love and strength from the other souls in their soulgroup

The "soulmate chemistry"
means that all the souls of the soulgroup
are constantly connected
even if they are physically far away from each other
, they are very close spiritually
, as their soul, mind and thoughts are constantly connected

This "soulmate chemistry"
is the reason why ones "guardian angels"
and loved ones in spirit world,
are in constant contact with ones soul,
as they are members of ones spiritual soul group
The only reason a person feels alone
and not in contact with people of their same soulgroup
is because one may block or deny the existence
of "spirit" world,
believing that one needs to
"get on with normal physical life"
instead of including a
"spiritual enlightened pathway"
within ones physical existence in this life on earth.

Only when a person is connected spiritually
and "open" to be guided spiritually,
then through "soulmate chemistry"
of you and your soulgroup,
through ones "guardian angels"
and loved ones in spirit world
whom are waiting to help you
find a spiritual pathway,
one is assured to be guided to connect with
and find ones true soulmate


Human beings who are connected with each other,
need to have an ability to think the same way as each other,
they need to have a "common factor"
in order to feel the relationship is wholesome
Hence the reason why single people
join clubs and organisations,
or have hobbies and interests
as a sense of identity of their personality
Thereby enabling themselves to meet
"like-minded" people and hopefully
find a suitable man/woman
with whom they can have a meaningful relationship with,
as their inner minds and thoughts
will be sharing similar identities, emotions and feelings

If either become disinterested in the "common factor"
that originally united them,
then their relationship will have communication problems
leading to an automatic "falling out of love",
as their thoughts and energy of their minds
no longer have anything "in common"
Author Unknown
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