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.:Music of the Spheres:.

Since all of music is based on the fundamental cycles of the
original SPIN momentum or "abstract motion" of absolute SPACE, the
primal or TRUE Alpha Chord (the first triad) is the combination of
the vibrations of the initial fractally involved triune fields of
the first Logos (the primal Monad) of cosmogenesis... That
ultimately resolves, holographically, on the lowest order (fourth
world) physical plane, into the seven fold (octaval) fields of
consciousness -- whose frequencies are analogous to the sounds of
the diatonic (seven note) musical scale. Pythagorus called the
*sound* of this (*bubbles within bubbles* or "wheels within
wheels") structure of fundamental space that produced the first
Chords, "The music of the spheres".

By combining different groups of analogous primal field
frequencies, their harmonics, and their ratios, we can see many
other musical scales developing in different cultures throughout

The basis of all this can be easily confirmed by studying the
following diagrams... Keeping in mind the three fundamental
principles and the analogy and correspondence between all coadunate
but not consubstantial fields of consciousness -- due to the
fundamental fractal field involution and *holographic* nature of
the primal Cosmos whose "center is everywhere and circumference
nowhere"... Thus, the analogous zero-point energy (ZPE) fields in
the apparently *empty* sub quantum space between the so called
"particles" that generate and energize them... And, the *chakra*
fields within and surrounding the physical body that links it with
our seven states of altered consciousness.

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