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Georgia Work$ (GW$) is a Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) initiative
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Georgia Work$ (GW$) is a Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) initiative designed to stimulate job growth in Georgia. Commissioner Michael Thurmond developed this innovative project in response to Georgia’s growing job loss.

GW$ allows unemployed job seekers who have registered for employment services with the GDOL to receive workplace training from a potential employer for a maximum of 24 hours per week for up to six weeks. Trainees could qualify for up to $600 in training stipends (an average of $100 weekly) to help defray training related costs such as child care and transportation. Upon completion of training, participants receive a training certificate for job skills and may be considered for employment. About 63 percent of GW$ participants found jobs.

Through GW$, more than 3,500 trainees have been hired upon completion of training and nearly 6,000 different Georgia employers have participated.

GW$ information is available in each of the department's 53 career centers throughout the state.

Benefits of Georgia Work$

What are the features for Georgia Employers?

1. Screened, eligible trainees
2. Available to small, new, and expanding businesses
3. Workers’ compensation coverage provided by the GDOL
4. Reduces employers’ tax burden
5. Trainee stipends covered by the GDOL
6. Available to for-profit and non-profit businesses

How do Trainees benefit?

1. Acquire new skills
2. Continued job search assistance provided by the GDOL
3. Leads to a training certificate
4. Up to $600 in training stipend
5. Provides networking opportunities

For more information regarding the GW$ hiring strategy email inquiries to GW$ telephone operators are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 1-877-WORKS09 (1-877- 967-5709).

We will be conducting training lessons in order to create actual paying jobs in the future. All members will learn how to sell using the internet. If you sell something you will be paid when the money is collected. The commissions will vary from 10% on residential renovations/repairs, 15% on motorcycle or vehicle repairs, and vary upwards by agreement up to 50% on some items. All trainees will be credited for their learning accomplishments with On The Job Training Certificates issued by Global Communications Group or its subordinate companies. 1. E-commerce: account, e-mail, phone,,, inventory, catalog, web site, digital photo, telemarketing, trade credits, creative marketing, *Dept. of Labor GA Works Program

2. Vehicle: motorcycles, ATV, auto, boat, repairs, renovations, sales, invoices, bill of sale

3. Electronics, repairs, refurbishment, computer, telecommunications, solar, lab, prototypes, robotics, supercomputer, identification of components, use and market, networks, LAN, router, hub, modem, printer, software, hardware, components, solar voltaic, power supplies *Dept. of Labor GA Works Program