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From: Robert Colee

Global Properties div. Global Communications Group

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you on this. We have been swamped with work and had a major computer crash so I had to rebuild this estimate.

Here is the way I see to hold down costs, the previous owners were working on this property when they defaulted, under general Georgia rules a home owner can fix his own property, Fulton County has a lot of red tape and are permit happy. In order to pull all relevant permits and invoke labor costs of meeting inspectors at their will the cost can be from $2000-$4000.

Instead we can just make this a turnkey as if the previous investors did all or most of the work before the foreclosure.


David our HVAC guy will handle the heating and air with a new unit for $3,500.00 his number is 770-876-3754. If it really needs a permit he can handle it for you on or before closing for about $300.00 for the permit and around $200.00 labor/hassle fees to deal with the city if ever required.

I will send a pay pal link plus 3% transfer fee to handle this for you or you can call him direct for information, and to submit a check directly.


We will do the electric, repairs, drywall, painting and cleanup for $4,250.00 labor plus about $2000.00 in materials plus 3% credit card surcharge if using our pay pal link I am sending you.

You may pay by check saving the surcharge if you wish. Call me, Robert 678-887-2216.

We can start this week and can be finished by no later than May 15, 2008 upon receipt of funds.



1. Broken picture window front basement [2 options (a.) replace with concrete blocks as it is at ground level where mowers will break it again, a neighbors home has it this way.  (b.) Replace window unit with plexi-glass.)  Your call about the same price.

2. outside light fixture missing

3. Door knob to basement missing entry

4. Stairs metal from back yard to door broken

5 .Left side basement windows needs caulk and paint

6. Electrical service line feed large hole in cinder block

7. Light fixture dining room

8. Drywall repair ceiling left bed room, Closet needs repair, molding missing

9. Bathroom medicine cabinet door broken, closet has large holes in drywall, heating vent missing

10. Right rear bed room duplex covers missing

11 Basement stair well drywall repair large hole around electric panels, missing hand rail, missing molding

12. Basement rewiring was started but about 10 receptacles not installed, 20 cover plates missing

     Smoke detectors missing

     Ceiling lights missing

     New breaker panel installed but not completed, 220 volt a.c. not pulled to laundry room

     HVAC missing in basement need for about 2000 sq ft. dwelling

     Duct work mostly installed but some missing and need hot vents and cold return covers

     Various dry wall holes stud work missing sections and finishing plus finish popcorn on ceiling repairs 

     Missing doors

    Paint basement interior

    Flooring vinyl

    Toilet broken

Debris removal inside and out and mow lawn.


 Install Tub on raised platform and re-rout plumbing in laundry room. (Estimate $2000.00 labor plus materials) May need permit and labor/hassle fee if discovered about $700.00 total or less on or before closing.

  Attic needs more insulation (estimate $1000.00 labor plus materials)


Electrical if discovered and other unknown county variables $500.00-$1,800.00.