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Pioneering techno's new dawn...

Haven't updated this in ages. Think I need to get to work! I'm in the middle of another project but as soon as I get done with it, you can expect a whole new site -Gavin (05.15.05)

Remember when we were one? Remember when it was fun? We do, and REAL MUSIC is taking the dancefloor back!

Check out the bio page for the story on Gavin Varitech, the events page for where he's been and where he's going to be in the next months, the music page for a plethora of downloads for your listening pleasure, and peep this site for more info on the future label Rareform Recordings, Revival Nitelife and it's events System & Lush, as well as the future of Techwest Tribe... Techwest Tribe's NEW message board!