Issue #25
August 13th, 2006

August 17th 2006, Global Celebrations!

Greetings to ALL Afrikans at home and abroad: It is with great honor that we approach our beloved race with but a humble request: Let us collectively demonstrate acknowledgement and appreciation for the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey this August 17th, 2006, his 119th Earthday (Birthday) Celebration. Garveyites and Garvey Day Celebrants the world over have united in adherence to our Sainted Leader's request that we 'canonize and elevate to positions of honor, black men and women who have made their distinct contribution to our racial history.' It is in this spirit that we announce the historic Universal Marcus Garvey Day Tribute and Celebration. For the first time since August 1920, when the Honorable Marcus Garvey called an International Convention of the race, where 25,000+ delegates from all over the world assembled, Afrikan people the world over are once again uniting to answer the Messianic Call of our Prophet to embrace and reaffirm our commitment to the principles of Universal of Afrikan Nationalism. On August 17, 2006, Garveyites from over 25 cities across the globe (and growing) are cooperatively embracing technology to unite our celebrations into one Universal Tribute. Through the use of Internet Radio, websites, teleconference, radio, TV, etc. we are cross-promoting our Celebrations, hosting a August 17th morning teleconference and all day telecast, and espousing through every form of media available the philosophy and opinions of the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey. We will demonstrate to the world that the Hon. Marcus Garvey's proverbial 'cubs in the bushes' have matured, closed ranks and are now ready to regain control of our own destiny.

We encourage scholars, researchers and elder Garveyites to participate in this tribute by contacting some of the announced celebrations, radio, TV, and website broadcasts and offering the benefit of your understanding of the history of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and his UNIA.

We encourage all media outlets (i.e. radio, TV, Internet, newspaper, e-groups, etc.) to help support the historic Universal Tribute to the Rt. Ex. Marcus Garvey by broadcasting the teleconference, promoting the Tribute and Celebration, inviting some of the organizers and celebrants to your program, distributing email, etc.

We invite heads of state to share in the celebration by sending open letters of solidarity with the Universal Tribute, submitting/adopting resolutions calling for Garvey's Exoneration in the US, offering proclamations declaring Garvey Day a recognized Holiday, etc.

We encourage Spiritual Leaders to offer a special prayer and/or hold services honoring the Honorable Marcus Garvey's life and legacy.etc We encourage ALL Afrikans at home and abroad to join us in this historic tribute by celebrating in the following recommended ways: We encourage everyone to join or host a local celebration in their respective areas. We encourage everyone to wear a red, black and green pendant, button, arm band, etc. as a symbol of solidarity.

We encourage families and communities to discuss the works, words and deeds of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association. We encourage you to honor the Honorable Marcus Garvey by continuing his work (i.e. BUY BLACK, THINK BLACK and, ACT BLACK)

Below is a contact list of Garvey Day Celebrants in several of the major cities around the world. If you are hosting a Tribute for the Honorable Marcus Garvey and would like to add your name and event to the list, please contact YHWHdah Edwards ( (202) 558 - 7592. Additionally, we request that you visit one of the three websites cross-promoting the Universal Tribute:,, for more information or to leave a message of solidarity on the message board. On behalf of the Universal Marcus Garvey Day Tribute and Celebration Campaign, thank you.

Racially Yours,

Mwariama Kamau,

President of the Washington, DC Division Universal Negro Improvement Association (202) 256 - 6380


Terry Brown (Toronto, Canada) (416) 783 - 1792

Ife Piankhi (London, UK) 010 8640 7355

JAHmilah Sekhmet (Lafayette, LA) (337) 232 - 2328

K. Lee (Los Angeles, CA) (323) 735 - 9642

Okobi Shaka Khan (Port of Spain,Trinidad) 1-868-761-3891

Umi (Brooklyn, NY) (718) 573 - 7174

Thutmose "Morris" Powell (Harlem, NY) (646) 245 - 4980

Howard Wesley (Raleigh-Durham, NC)

Steven Golding (Kingston, Jamaica) (876) 886 - 5583

Ras Don Rico Ricketts (South Florida, USA) (786) 663 - 3000

Dawud Muhammad (Newport News, VA) (757) 245 - 1744

Charlie Dugger (Baltimore, MD) (410) 385 - 1801

Shaka "Barak" Sankofa (Chicago,IL) (708) 848 - 7382

Zaki Baruti (St. Louis, MO) (314) 454 - 9005

Abdul Qahhar (Cleveland, OH) (216) 451 - 6815

Nana Kwabena Opoku Prempeh (Atlanta, GA) (678) 488 - 5098

Asa Olusola (Cincinnati, OH) (513) 351 - 1538

Tiffany Newton (Harlem, NYC) 1 866 312 - 9910

Kenneth "Nnamdi" King (Youngstown, OH) (330) 301 - 1515

Andrew Wilson (Nassau, BS) (242) 457 - 0509

Duron "Manifest" Chavis (Richmond, VA) (804) 662 - 9258 duronchavis@yahoocom

Umar Abdullah Johnson (Philadelphia, PA) (215) 425 - 4804

Jendayi Lynn (Baltimore, MD) (443) 799 - 7222

JAHLUL (San Diego, CA) (858) 672 - 8614

Nwalimu Gee (Detroit, MI)

Cimmaron Reed-Bandele (Durham, NC) (919) 491 - 5268

Queen Akeba (Kansas City, MO) (816) 405 - 9953

Arch Bishop Franzo King (Oakland, CA) (415) 822 - 3755

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala (Orlando, FL) (407) 487 - 0562

Pam Basu (Pembrooke, IL) (815) 944 - 9947

Mwariama Dhoruba Kamau (Washington, DC) (202) 256 - 6380

YHWHdah Selassie Edwards (Washington, DC) (202) 558 -7592 ________________________________________________