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Nara Jet Web

[Ooh, what a lovely photo of Nara.]

Teaching plans; Nara Information; so much more

The Nara JETWEB is designed to be a resource for teaching plans, information on living in Nara, and anything else you want it to be.

It is still growing. HELP OUT! CONTRIBUTE!

E-mail us with comments, complaints, contributions...
To make sure we get it, you can also e-mail me at "".

If e-mail is not possible, mail them to David Orr at work (address in directory). Any format is ok - disk, paper, papyrus.

3rd YEARS - You may be leaving, but you are the most experienced - so your ideas can help the rest of us give better classes. So, do the right thing, and help out...

Welcome to Nara

  • Legal Note - Thanks to Nara City Tourist Authority for the photographs - by using them on this site I am of course merely serving to increase publicity for beautiful and popular Nara. I am sure the nice people at Nara City Tourist Authority fully appreciate that fact.