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Guilty Gear OST

Guilty Gear OST

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I love this CD. When I first got it, it parked itself in my CD player and would not leave it. The entire CD is Rock and Roll/metal (with the exception of "Epilogue" which is symphonic), with a unique theme for each, Zato's is the creepiest, Axl and Baldhead's themes sound like old 70's rock (Baldhead's track even has that funky "wakachu" sound effect), Millia's uses an orchestra, and Testament's sounds like a church choir nightmare. The one thing I don't get the point of is Sound effect tracks. All they are is a minute of BAM! KAPOW! WHOP WHOP! CLASH!, and on this CD they come off sounding rather muffled. Unfortunatly the band's music also comes out muffled too sometimes, however, if you are listening with headphones (as opposed to a stereo with speakers), this problem seems to vasnish completely. Ah well...Overall,this CD comes highly recommended from me. If you want a copy yourself, I suggest going to Anime Nation, that's where I got mine.

Guilty Gear Original sound Collection info:

Composed by: Daisuke Ishiwatari
Publisher: Columbia
ISBN#: COCC-15090
Release Date: May 21, 1998


  1. Prologue(Shout and Burning)
  2. Keep Yourself Alive--Sol's theme
  3. Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead)--Ky's theme
  4. Black Soul--Zato's theme
  5. Unidentified Child--May's theme
  6. Suck a Sage--Chipp's theme
  7. In Slave's Glory--Potemkin's theme
  8. The March of the Wicked King--Axl's theme
  9. Writhe In Pain--Millia's theme
  10. Suspicious Cook--Dr. Baldhead's theme
  11. Pride and Glory--Kliff's Theme
  12. A Fixed Idea--Testament's theme
  13. Meet Again--Justice's theme
  14. Momentary life--Baiken's theme
  15. Conclusion--Sol Vs Ky theme
  16. Prickle Man--opening
  17. Mince--charcter select
  18. I'm Oldman--Options screen
  19. Come On!--Vs tune
  20. Metal--continue
  21. Death and Republic--Boss demo
  22. Deadened--game over
  23. Way--May, Millia, and kliff's staff roll
  24. Play it High--Potemkin,Baldhead, and Zato's staff roll
  25. Love letter from...--Sol, Ky,Chipp, and Axl's staff roll
  26. Epilogue--the missing link
  27. Sound Effects

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