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Notes on "And it was Called 'COPS'" by Helen (Luna700):

We've been watching 'COPS' in my household for years, so I was pretty much inspired to do a spoof involving Ky's earlier days as a policeman.

Incidentally, this is also the first comic I've inked using a dip calligraphy pen. So far it seems to get some nice drama in the lines.

For some reason I don't spend as much time on my comic art as I do my regular art, and I think it shows XP

Oh, also I can't speak German. For the dialogue between Kliff and Testament I used (gasp!) a translator, so forgive me if anything is incorrect.
Here's what they're supposed to be saying along with the translation:

Testament: Just confirm it! You hate me!
Bestätigen Sie es einfach! Sie hassen mich!

Kliff: I hate you? Out of the kindness of my heart I adopt you, and I love you like my own son! The only thing that I ask of you is that you don't wear a skirt!
Ich hasse Sie? Aus der Freundlichkeit meines Inneren heraus nehme ich Sie an, und ich liebe dich mag meinen eigenen Sohn! die einzige Sache, die ich von Ihnen bitte, ist, daß Sie nicht einen Rock tragen!

Kliff: Why do you insist that I hate you?
Warum beharren Sie, daß ich Sie hasse?

Testament: Leave me alone!
Lassen Sie mich allein!

Kliff: Do not shout at your father!
Schreien Sie nicht an Ihrem Vater!

Testament: I wasn't shouting!
Ich schrie nicht!

Kliff: Tesu, Let your father speak!
Tesu, Lassen Sie Ihren Vater sprechen!

Testament: Daddy