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Notes on "And it Was Called 'Job", by Helen (Luna700):

As I mentioned earlier this comic was cursed, but first off, this comic was based on a game of GGX I once played. I was using Testament when I had to fight Jam. And, as Testament states in the comic, I lost to her Bakushuu attack. After which she offered me a job ("You'll start as a dishwasher"). Testament being offered a job....

Anyways, the reason I call this comic cursed was a lot of things went wrong for it. Overall I was happy with the way the story worked, but on the third page for some reason I had difficulty drawing a Testament I was happy with (there were also other things in the comic I felt could have been drawn better).

The second reason I felt this comic was cursed was I had drawn it on paper that I later found was slightly bigger than the screen on my scanner. After banging my head against the keyboard repeatedly (Kids, don't try that at home), I had to decide which parts of the page would be less visually distracting by having parts cut off. This is more evident on some pages than others. Finally, I was faced with a third problem--these pages really liked sucking up a lot of space. Basically I made this last part harder for myself than I had to. I managed to fix the problem somewhat, but I apologize for the somewhat blurry quality.