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Notes on "The Narrator Out of Nowhere" by Helen (Luna700):

Okay, this page basically explains just what the heck I was trying to do with this comic as well as any jokes that could use more in-depth explaination, as well as anything else on my mind that has to do with it's creation. Be aware: some technical stuff may be ahead.

The narrator himself is inspired by B-movie news anchors, and he reminds me of a certain one from "Night of the Living Dead". His job is to live in the closet-like newsroom and narrate. He is known simply as the Narrator. Exciting.

In the second panel I made a typo that I didn't notice until recently, and to tell the truth, didn't feel like correcting. It reads "Perhaps the was induced PTSD.." instead of "Perhaps the waR induced PTSD...". The term PTSD also brings me to my next explanation.

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is the term for a somewhat self-induced mental illness caused by excessive stress (usu. caused by continual exposure to a tense or violent enviroment). Symptoms usually include depression, regressions, and anxiety. The two occupations where this conditon is most commonly associated are soldiers who served in a war, and police officers. Testament endured the former.

On a lighter note, in the forth panel the bag of potato chips reads "potato crisps". I have no idea why I wrote "potato crisps"....I must have been having a British moment.

At the end of the second page the Narrator proclaims "Next week! Sol Badguy and Anger management. Is Tegretol an option??" Tegretol is an anticonvulsant-meaning it is used to treat epileptic conditions...however it is also used as a mood stabilizer with patients subject to rage, anxiety, depression, despair, or otherwise Bi-polar (bi-polars are notorious for fits of rage). Despite it's apparent effectiveness and safety, some doctors will not perscribe it for these conditions simply bcause "It is out of favor".