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The Tw8.1 is a "mini tower".  The term "mini" is used rather loosely here, and is a reference to the speaker's height.  By most standards, this speaker could qualify under the "monster" category.  This speaker is a real power house.  It uses a cool silver poly cone woofer.  These woofers were available from Parts Express.  They were a closeout deal, and were supposed to have cosmetic damages.  I think the surround was off center, although you would never be able to tell it.  This is a particularly impressive drive unit, and certainly well worth the $12 price tag.  The tweeter is a 3/4" poly dome unit made by Altec Lansing.  I got them from a clearance rack at Parts Express.  They have great power handling and a really crisp sound.  Fortunately the woofer has enough high end extension that crossing them over wasn't too difficult.  I used some 2-way crossover networks from Radio Shack that I had sitting around.  I wouldn't recommend them because they only offer a 6db/octave slope, which really isn't good enough for this tweeter.  I would recommend buying the individual crossover components.  You could certainly get them as cheap as the networks, and have a much higher quality crossover, which would certainly improve the sound.  The cabinets for this project are (in my opinion) gargantuan in size.  They are only 9" wide and 30" tall, but 17" deep!  This gives the woofer a hefty amount of internal volume to work with.  The enclosure is ported and tuned fairly low, which also helps bring out the bass performance of the woofers.

So, how do they sound?  LOUD - REALLY LOUD.  Maybe they aren't as accurate as a set of monitors with smaller drivers, but I guarantee that they will blow them out of the water in a max SPL contest.  They are particularly great as main speakers in a home theater setup that is used primarily for movie watching.  Forget about a powered sub, these things can crush your chest.  If you are a fan of rock, funk, R&B or rap, these speakers are definitly for you.  Not only do they play loud, they play low as well.  It's almost a given that your neighbors will hate you for owning a set these speakers.  I can't even think of a commercial speaker that could touch these for 3 times what you will spend to build them.

Parts List
$ each
2 8" Poly cone woofer, rubber surround, 80W
2 3/4" Poly dome tweeter
2 2-Way crossover network
2 Spring terminals
1 Misc. (shipping, cabinet materials)