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If you've made it this far, you must atleast be partially curious as to how the speakers look.  This is a compilation of all of the photos, construction details, and graphs I have relating to this system.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Main/Surround Crossover

Center Crossover

Predicted enclosure response for Main/Surround

Predicted enclosure response for center channel

295-305 frequency response measured by Paul

295-305 frequency fesponse measured by Wayne

Measured system response of main/surround speakers

295-305 Impedence measured by Paul

295-305 impedence measured by Wayne

Angle rendering of main/surround enclosure

Side rendering of main/surround enclosure

(295-305) Dayton Loudspeaker 6-1/2" Woofer

(295-300) Dayton Loudspeaker 5-1/4" Woofer

Vifa D27SG-05 1" Tweeter
(Actually, this is the D27TG-35, but it's pretty close)

(275-070) Dayton Loudspeaker 1-1/8" Tweeter

An enclosure for the front/surround speakers before assembly.  Note the slight angle of the front baffle.

Front/surround speaker with drivers installed.

Another front/surround speaker with drivers installed. 

Front/surround before driver holes are cut

Another shot showing the layout

Front view with the driver holes cut and routed

Angled shot showing the slopted front and routing to accomodate the flush mounting

Rear shot showing the port and terminal

Another rear shot

This photo shows the center brace

Showing the brace, port and terminal cutouts

Front shot showing the drivers installed

This shows the internal bracing for the center channel.

Just before initial assembly of the center speaker.  That's Gorilla Glue (polyurethane). 

Initially only the sides and top and bottom were glued to allow the front and back to be removed for routing and easier access to the crossover.

Another shot of the center channel without the driver holes

Can you can guess what this is?

Here's a shot of the inside with the crossover installed, before the internal braces and padding are installed.

Here's a rear view of the front baffle. 

Here's the semi-assembled center channel (lower) and the old center channel that the tweeter was robbed from.

Here's a view from the top of the center channel.

Parts for the center channel

Showing the internal bracing and carpet padding

Again showing the bracing, padding and terminal cutout

Another front fiew.  Note that the tweeter is slightly offset from the woofers.

D27 frequency response

275-070 frequency response measured by Wayne