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Dayton II for sale

I'm selling my recently completed set of D2 speakers due to lack of funds on my part.  These speakers were basically built directly from the plans designed by Wayne Jaeschke.  The crossover is slightly different from the one posted on his site.  I was in a bit of a rush to order the parts back in January or February when he was still finalizing the crossover details.  I think he opted for the posted crossover because it is a little simpler.  This one uses a 3rd order electrical filter for the tweeter.  The cabinet dimensions and tuning are all exactly the same as Wayne's design.

These little speakers are surprisingly good sounding, especially considering the price.  The bass is quite tight, and plays low.  You'll be surprised at how low they acutally play, considering they only use a 6.5" woofer.  The high end is equally impressive - very open and clear sounding.  The midrange is a little laid back, which is particularly nice because it makes the speaker considerably less fatiguing, meaning that they don't hurt your ears after listening to them for a long time.  The sound staging, depth and imaging are equally impressive for a speaker in this price range.

I started building the speakers months ago, but for some reason never finished them.  The origninal cabinets were 3/4" particle board with a sloped front baffle.  I had them all primed and ready for paint, but just before I was able to get them finished, we had a big rain storm and the speakers got water damaged in the garage.  I had to put that project on hold for a while until my frustration wore off.  Eventually (about a month ago) I built new enclosures for them using 3/4" MDF.  The front right and left edges have a 1/2" radius routed into them to allow the veneer to be wrapped around the sides and front in one piece.  Inside, there is a brace mounted between the drivers, tying the front, back and sides together.  The lower portion of the enclosure is lined with carpet padding, which does a good job of deadening the cabinets.  The high and lowpass sections of the crossover are mounted on separate boards on opposite ends of the cabinet.  The cabinets are wrapped in a very nice cherry veneer, with several coats of satin polyurethane.  There are absolutely no air bubbles in the veneer, and the finish turned out very nice.  As can be seen from the pictures, the drivers are flush mounted.  (Since the pictures were taken, I installed foam weather stripping behind the drivers to bring them flush to the baffle, rather than slightly recessed as they appear in the pictures)  They have gold plated 5-way binding posts and the port has a large radius.

The crossover uses high quality components, including a foil inductor in the low pass section, and Dayton and Solen polypropolene capacitors everywhere except the zobel, which uses an electrolytic bypassed with a film and foil Dayton cap.  The remaining inductors are all air 18ga core.

The speakers haven't been used much, and absolutely never at anything more than moderate volumes, and only briefly at that.  Other than a very small amount of dust on the drivers, these speakers can be considered brand new.  I easily have over $150 invested in these speakers - probably closer to $175 with the veneer, terminals, etc.  I'm just trying to recover my losses so I'm asking $125 for the pair.  This basically covers the cost of the drivers and crossover components, so you as the buyer end up getting the nice cabinets for free.  I'm guessing that shipping will be under $25, assuming they don't have to go too far.  (Chicago looks like it would be about $15, LA would be closer to $30, and towards the East coast around $25, as some examples)

Please email me if you have any questions or would like to take them off my hands.

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