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More Jonathan Pictures

Four generations of Fetters

Four generations of Andreasens

Jonathan showing off his massive abs

Having fun at the park in the carrier

Andreasen family at Jonthan's dedication

Jonathan with mom and dad at the dedication

Fetter family at Jonathan's dedication

What drooling problem?

Jonathan with mom and dad at Easter

Jonathan with Great-Grandma Andreasen

Jonathan with Great-Grandpa Andreasen

Acting silly after a bath

Jonathan with Great-Grandma Moyer

Jonathan with Great-Grandpa Moyer

Jonathan with Kyla and Kristi

Jonathan with Megan and Austin

Playing the piano with aunt Sarah

Nap time with Sarah

Jonathan with Matt, Sarah and Brad

Psychedelic Jonathan

Giving a little smirk

Jonathan sitting on a new speaker stand

(pretty-boy) Jonathan with aunt Betsy

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