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Wayne's Dayton Budget Project

This project was designed by Wayne Jaeschke. I take absolutely no credit for the design (nor do I take responsibility) The drawing is provided purely as reference. The drivers used are the Dayton Loudspeaker 5.25" woofer (Parts Express P/N 295-300) and the Dayton Loudspeaker 1-1/8" Dome tweeter (Parts Express P/N 275-070)

You will need WHIP! to view this drawing.  Click the image to go to the download site if you don't already have the plug-in.
To view the enclosure design, right click on the image above to select panning and zooming options.
Internet Explorer users may not be able to view the drawing.
Click HERE for a .wmf version (save it to disk and open in Word)

Crossover Design