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thursday, october 12th, 2000

being our first night, i am sure many people did not know what to expect, nor did we for that matter. billed as a night of hard electronic music, we delivered just that to the 50 or so odd people who showed up. dj moshka-medicine started out the night, playing a wide mix of tunes from plastikman to ween to aphex twin to ciccone youth to a backdrop of ren and stimpy and the russian space oddessy, solaris. the live act, s.u.r.r.u.r., followed with a noise-filled set. after a failer in one of their cd players and a quick recovery, they brough the level of intensity up. playing distorted hardcore soundscapes to melodic, electronic rhythms. abyssal echo played next, dwelling on more repetive sounds and a faster bpm. by the end of his set a few people were dancing, spurred by the distorted mesh of bass drums, sharp anglular hihats and noise synth lines. dj anvil closed the night out and kept the few dancing with a solid mix of techno over david lynch's eraserhead. by the end of the night, all who played had fun and were satisfied with their sets. we are looking forward to next month... let us hope that the word gets out.