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thursday, november 9th, 2000

a rather dismal turnout. this could possibly be attributed to the unfortunate timing of being sandwich'd between club telex's avanto kick-off and the opel bastards which were both at YO-talo. to make matters worse, the gigantic party hypnosis happened on friday also. anyways, aside from the rather low turnout, everyone played quite well. Anvil opened the evening with a hard, tight techno set. S.U.R.R.U.R. followed with their ecclectic mix of electronic styles, including an excellent remix of an abba song. abyssal echo followed and after a minor set back of all his synth settings being user defaulted? played a rather solid set for the circumstances. the evening's headliner, karri o, returned to tampere from helsinki for a relentless techno set. It is too bad there were not more people to hear his smooth skills and rather wicked choice of records. home