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"Subhead are infamous for their innovative and forward thinking style. Here they have produced 4 wild tracks of slick electrostep - they have been releasing records on their own SUBHEAD and 2CB imprints for years along with running the legendary GROWTH nights in London and now have a huge underground following and respect, especially in Japan where one of their members now lives....Renowned for their furious and powerful DJ sets they bring a wicked atmosphere to any party along with their own dubplates, loops and live short, they're ON IT!!"

--justin berkovi (predicaments records)

"both subhead records i own are probably the coolest that i have (sativae and subhead labels). funky bass lines, grinding minimalistic monotraxs and assorted chaotic weirdness makes them innovative, surprising, extremely mental and most importantly just simply awesome. i heard or read something once about subhead live.. it said that it was a most insane and intense experience, and THEN the voices started... i dont remember from where i got this, but after listening to the two records i have, it is most believable. this is a not to be missed event."

--nathan siter aka abyssal echo

obviously nobody was listening when i said this is not to be missed... almost nobody showed... a total disappointment, turnout wise... yet for those of you who did come and support, thanks a lot... we all appreaciate it... the night was not a total let down, however... dj pHinn played probably one of the best opener sets i have ever heard... playing many choice, ambient/intelligent techno records which were mind blowing to say the least... respect to pHinn for bringing it down hard and mental (playlist)... s.u.r.r.u.r did their thing... playing another smashing set of idm/breakbeat grooves and techno... jason's girlfriend, harriette, pointed out , that the way they were standing and discussing a sheet of paper? or was it the music? was reminicent of two labratory experimenters (without the white coats, of coarse)... abyssal echo played next... another hard, noisy techno set... fluid and relentless.... jason leach came on next and proved his funky weird techno is not to be messed with (especially to a back drop of jodorowski's holy mountain)... although it is easier to play to a packed room, he over came... by the end of his hour and a quarter set, he had laid the grooves and tweaked the sounds enough to make the ears hurt (feet too, if people had been dancing, but what can you really expect from 10 or so people?)... lastly massive appologies to dj anvil for getting bumped, sorry... there wasn't much i could do... i hope you had fun... i will make it up in april.... see you ten people next ime in january... we are trying a wednesday, maybe that will help.... ps no thanks to those of you who didn't show even though you were on the guest list, thats harsh and rude... support your local scene.....

--nathan siter aka abyssal echo