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Welcome to our home! We are new to this scene, so please bare with us. We're a small home business, based right outside of west Houston, Texas, in Hockley, near Hempstead, Prairie View and Waller. Also, one of our guys works out of the Beaumont area. (Just look for the red stars we'll cover most of the that area).

Our main location...

Our alternate location...

We specialize in building radio-controlled cars, trucks helicopters, boats, motorcyles, and so on. This also ranges from 4wd, Fwd and 2wd, to gas and electric. If you want it, we can build it. And we love doing special projects. Just to name a few, specialty or classic cars with working hydraulics, opening trunk and doors, solar cars, and a wide range of accessories, from light sets, to projectiles that fire from tanks, trucks, helicopters, etc.(A must for the fireworks enthusiasts).

Contact us:
P.O. Box 4961
Prairie View, TX 77446

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