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Wing Commander

This page never existed!

Feeling lost?

Well you are. You have reached a part of my webpage, that is no longer supported. The former Wing Commander section was split into various other pages.

Mods / Patches

Mods, patches, expansions - everything that adds to existing software.
I should probably have named this one Wing Commander & stuff, as 80% of the entries are for various Wing Commander games.

Web Based

Web based software that runs in the browser window or by e-mail.
These are mostly proof of concept of what can be done with standard browser stuff (Javascript) without having to resort to Flash or CGI.

Wing Commander Flip It

"Flip It" is a solitaire locic puzzle. The object is to turn all the tiles same color (remove the logos). The impossible version needs quite some memory...

Wing Commander Mosaic

The classic jigsaw puzzle with various Wing Commander motives. The impossible version adds a new twist...