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Rendering Modes ANSWER

Rendering Modes UP
Firstly run Unknown Enemy.exe and then select Options. From here you can choose the Rendering Method, Resoloution and whether or not to enable the distance patch which disables the popup of the game. Which options you should select depend on your system, the rendering method will effect both the graphical quality but not all modes are supported by every card, check with your manufacturer if you are unsure. Glide is only for 3DFX users, if you do not have a 3DFX card we recommend using Direct3D and only resorting to Software mode if you are experiencing difficulties.
Increasing the resoloution and enabling the distance patch will reduce the games performance but for those with a powerful system the visual benefits will be very noticeable.
Be careful with the asteroid viewing distance. On full this can bring a 2GHz machine to its knees.