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Welcome to my favourite section. Why? Because there isn't all that much that I had to type here. ;-) As the weekly game turns are not machine parsed you can write them in your own words. Just tell me what you want to do in the hacking (don't forget to tell me which deck you use in case of multiple decks!) and the action phase of your turn and I'll enter it into the neuromancer software package. The only thing I ask for is that you state the name of your character in the mail in order to save me the time to find you in the database.

BTW: If I don't hear from you I will assume that you don't do anything and spend the time working. I strongly ask you to send me such mails as well however so that I know you are still with us.

Sample Game Turn

From: Joe Test 
Subject: Turn from Mr.X

I'll first try to hack Bot Town using my ZX1000. If I get regular access
I'll continue hacking to get root access. If there are any hacks remaining
I'll try myself on the Derelict Hub.

For the action phase I want to crash Bot Town if possible. I also want to
sell my ZX1000 and get a ZX10000D instead.

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