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Close WindowA Game Turn
A game turn is run every week on sunday around 17:00 GMT. Each game turn is devided into several phases:

  • System Update
  • Hacking
  • Working
  • Action Phase
  • Cyber Fights
  • System Update

    System Update covers all aspects that could be summarized as turns of non playing characters as well as general maintenance of the whole cyberspace. Stuff that might happen:


    Not much that wasn't already told in the Guide to Hacking can be listed here. In the Hacking Phase all hack attempts take place in the order listed by the player. Note that all players hack simultanously.

    Action Phase

    The Action Phase is what covers the intrique phase of this game. There is a whole lot that can be done in order to change the gamflow of the next turn here.


    Alternatively to hacking and doing other stuff on the web in the action phase, one can also decide to do some boring old working in order to gain money. Money that can be used to do some shopping the next turn. Even a hacker has to do regular work, especially when he is young or when he lost his gear to a corporate raid.

    Cyber Fights

    A cyberfight usually has 1 of 3 reasons: It should be noted that a system that has a fight going on is excepted from all other actions that is no System Update will take place there and no hacks can be done until the situation is resolved. You can still hack through the system if you got an account there, as long as the fight is going on.

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