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Close WindowSystem Parts
Despite the huge developments in computer technology, despite the new inventions when it comes to the net in the last decades - still the same basic components are forming a system.

An intruder still has to find a weak point in one of that systems parts to get illegal entrance. In regards of security none of that parts has proven to be more or less efficient against attacks in general. Of course there are differences in different operation environments. Also certain types of attacks are more likely to succeed on certain components then on others. There is however one important exception: The Kernel.


The main task of every system. Even the intrusion software has to run on that one. As a result this part is extremely heavy shielded. Occasionally it can be that it deadlocks or drops a task, but there is no known method to influence this component directly. No. Never. Under no known circumstances.

System Components

The next closest part to the system kernel. It is similarly heavily shielded. However given that many updates happen in this area modifying it, or even find a temporary backdoor is not impossible. A successful entrance here often results in devastating advantages.

File System

Triple encryption and user privileges. Still... The file system is one of the more exposed parts. Not as much as parts of the main user interface, but fortunately - for intruders - many users still use easy to guess pass phrases. Most effects that are caused here do not turn into immediate effect. The system has to start the file first, after all.


The interface of every system to the outside world. It is rather well guarded of course. But its necessary exposure to the outside world also makes this part very vulnerable once you find a trick to get into it. Perfectly to relogin into a system or to get rid of another person trying to kick you. Obviously denial of service attempts or disconnecting is far easier than a relogin.

Graphic Interface

Immersion System

Both provide the user with the feel of cyberspace. The graphic interface is responsible for the visual parts of the trip while the immersion system handles almost everything else. Sound, feelings, even smell. One might be tempted to unite both parts to one subsystem. However, in most systems there is one chip that handles the pictures and one for the rest. Not surprisingly since they are from rivaling corps. And just as different as the hardware is also the software. Different enough to give each part its own weakness for a skilful person.
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