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Throughout the following pages, I will assume you have read the rest of these pages and at least skimmed through the other documents detailing the background and purpose of the game.
Therefore, these pages will concentrate on the purely game-technical aspects.

First, there are two mailing lists.

There is a general mailing list,, that is used for all public roleplaying. Also public announcements will be posted there. Every player in the game is subscribed to this list.

There is also an additional list for Out-Of-Character postings, The main purpose is to keep the other list free of such mails and allow those people who just want to play, without discussion, to do so. All discussion, complaining and suggestions about the game should be sent to that list. Membership of this list is voluntary.

Finally there is the e-mail address of the GM. That would be me. Mail everything that is not suited for public eyes directly to me at This includes, but is not limited to the turn files of the cyber battles.
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