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Neuromancer is set as the fight between a group of very skilled hackers.
The name Neuromancer is derived from the famous Neuromancer Trilogy. While this PBEM does not play directly in said world it did influence the design. Knowledge of that book series is in no way required for playing, however.

Neuromancer is mostly a strategy game, but you won't be able to survive without a lot of role-playing and intrigue. It is both competitive and cooperative.

The game is mostly played through e-mail, so you will need an e-mail account to participate. Web-based mail services usually work, but note that the amount of mail you will receive can sometimes be quite large.
Also please note that only plain text messages should be used. No HTML mails, please.

Before joining the game, make sure you read the rules and descriptions on this webpage and understand what everything is about. If anything is unclear please check the FAQ or ask the GM ( I know parts of the rules look very complicated at first, namely some details of the fight engine. All I can say is that I tested it with a couple of players and after some minor initial problems, it did not pose a problem for anyone. It is by far easier then it looks at first, really.

Finally what might interest you most: cost of play. At this moment the game is completely free. I do not plan to change that policy unless there are cost involved to keep this going on my side (vanishing of all free webspace providers or something like that).