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Lets get down to business, shall we. So you got your stuff learned, your information collected and your deck is powered up. Lets get started with business! So how do you hack a system? Well lets start with the easiest thing: You have to reach the system. Reach? Yup. You cannot hack a system that does not have any connection to your deck. Now there are two ways that you can reach your destination. The first is the easiest one. You hack a system with a modem. Unfortunately those are few. The other way is to intrude a system from a neighbouring system you already hacked. Note that you cannot hack too far away from the systems that got modems or your decks memory won't be sufficient. Also note that you cannot use a path that has a crashed system in it. You can use a path that has a cyberfight going on however.

Now that you reached the system you may spend as many hacks as your power level allows to break through its defenses. For each try, a 100 sided die is rolled. If the result is higher or equal the systems defenses you hacked it. If you menage to surpass the systems defenses by 40 points or more, then the systems defenses are shattered and you even gained root access.
On the critical side, as you already know, if the hack fails there is a chance that you trigger ICE if the system in question is proteced by one.

Improving your Odds

As you probably already noted it is very unlikely that you succesfully hack a system. Even worse to gain root access. However there are lots of things you can do to improve your success ration.

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