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Neuromancer Title Picture


Neuromancer is © 1984,1986, 1988 by William Gibson.

Title picture taken from the book Neuromancer (Hauptmann und Kampa Werbeagentur, CH-Zug)

Neuromancer fight engine is © 2000-2001 by CFF-Soft (

HTML FAQ is © 2000 by CFF-Soft (


The Netwalker PBEM. (Last version - Netwalkers 3000 - can be found at His game inspired me to do one of my own. Unfortunately the game is not running anymore.

The Spellmaster PBEM. Now in its 2nd edition - SpellMaster II - Many of the finer parts and settings of Neuromancer have been created out of the knowledge I got from playing this great game. If you look for a fantasy setting instead of a sci-fi one, have a look at the site. Very recommended.
I also want to explicitly thank Tom Vogt, the creator of Spellmaster. Some smaller parts of the Neuromancer parser are based on his work.

Also thanks go to for providing the mailinglists used for this game.


Finally I want to express my thanks to Rich Stewart and John Gresbrink for multiple discussions and suggestions that helped improve the game.

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