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Close WindowCybercrimes and Other Stuff
Hacking and all that is fine and nice, but there is so much more you can do besides it. The following is a little collection of other nasty (or friendly) stuff you can do.

Trading Favors

Occastionally hackers are actually nice to each other. So instead of kicking someone you can also help him and share some system secrets with your new friend. Secrets shared that way can only be used in the next turns hacking phase in order to easen intrusion attempts. See section hacking for details.


Phreaking describes yet another way to help friendly hackers. In this case you keep a backdoor open for the person in question. This results in a free hack for a specific system (does not count versus his normal hacks) the next turn. Note that phreaking and sharing system information can be combined if you feel exceptionally generous. To do phreaking you have to have root access to the system you want to open up.


Nasty boy. Contacting a system administrator to do the dirty work for you and kick all hackers in his system isn't exactly friendly. Its also not as easy as it sounds. First you have to be in the system or in a neighbouring system (normal access is sufficient) or the system has to have a phone line going into it. Next you have to transmit securly or you migth be caught yourself. The first nark has a chance of 10% that you get caught. A second one in the same turn has a danger of 30%, a third one of 50% and so on. If you are caught expect some friendly corportion to visit your home the next few minutes - aka you are in biiiiiiiig trouble. On the bright side the housecleaning you wanted will be done. If you don't trigger the defenses you have to convince the sysadmin that he has hackers. This is done by a roll versus the systems security. If you roll the security or less you are believed and the system housecleans. Note that it might also kick you if you got an account there.


If you got root access you can announce that you want to crash a system. A crashed system counts just like it wouldn't be there until it reboots. Note that crashing a system with ICE or Black ICE often triggers a friendly corporation visit. The chance for such a meeting is the ICE propability. The crash works in any case however even if your were caught. There is a 20% chance that a crashed system reboots every turn.


There are several ways a housecleaning happens: In either case there is a 60% chance that you loose your regular account and a 15% chance that you loose your root account due to housecleaning.


Well not really a cybercrime. At least in most cases. Shopping covers every aspect of the free market, buy and sell of libraries, decks and procedures. Also copying libraries falls in this category.


By spending money you can also buy books to improve your hacking skills. Read up on Learning for more details.


So we've reached the bottom end on boring stuff now. Instead of spending your time on the web you can also just work for some money. Each turn spent that way gives you 25 credits that you can spend on new gear or other stuff. You cannot do ANY hacking related stuff this turn if you go working.

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