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Project Morningstar

Project Morningstar

Modded PC Case

Sideview of the same case. Of course any stylish PC needs a sidewindow these days. But none of the boring square ones that even appear in regular PC shops by now. Now this sweet little dragon on the other hand just screamed to me - BUY ME!


Closeup showing a bit more of the interior of the case. A nice big Zalman copper/aluminium hybrid cooler for the CPU. Even more copper rests on the double sized graphic card. These two alone weight around 1.5 kg provining enough fresh air for days of uninterrupted use.
Each and every cable inside the case is sleeved in red as it should be for a fire dragon. Also gives a nice contrast to the black mainboard


A modded PC without any illumination? Impossible. So let there be darkness and let there be light...
Most projects seem to favour direct illumination with colored cold cathodes or neon bars. As the theme of the PC was fire dragon and all the cables reminded me of veigns I picked the different approach of illuminating those instead. All sleeving was done with UV reactive material, providing a nice passive shine that covers the whole case into a ghostly light when lit with an UV cathode.


Another little gimmic is hidden behind the 'flame' of the dragon. The pictures dosn't look half as good as it does in reality. The LEDs of the Corsair memory flicker according to the current memory bandwidth used.