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Wing Commander

Wing Commander 2

German Conversion Patch For WC2

Just unzip this file to the Wing Commander 2 directory and play (447 kB).
Floppy disk versions must already be installed on the hard drive, although the zip will translate the installation menu text as well. Note that this only alters subtitles (both cinematics and in flight) and not speech.

Wing Commander Prophecy Gold

Englisch => Deutsch Anleitung

Beschreibung wie man den nur noch in Englisch erhältlichen Secret Ops Teil ins Deutsche konvertiert. Auch nützlich falls man nur deutsche Untertitel will.

Wing Commander Secret Ops

Offline Fiction

A modification of the SO webpage so that it can be viewed offline (4067 kB).
Needs the copyrighted (thus not included) fiction files to work.

Offline Fiction Addon

This package adds the above mentioned fiction files (266 kB).
I am adding these as the original webpage does not exist anymore.

Episode 1

This patch restores SO to the install state (removing later episodes) (384 kB).

Deutsche Episode 1

Dieser Patch setzt SO wieder in den Ursprungszustand zurück (bereits installierte Episoden werden gelöscht) (385 kB).

Wing Commander Prophecy

D3D Lens Flare Patch

This patch adds lens flare when running Wing Commander: Prophecy with a D3D compatible graphics accelerator (62 kB).

Warlords 2 Deluxe

Abstract army

Download abstract army, city and terran set with 2 sample scenarios (142 kB).

Animal army

Download animal army set with 2 sample scenarios (162 kB).

Water army

Download water army and terran set with 2 sample scenarios (261 kB).

Terms of Use


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Mailware is defined this way: Should you consider this software to be useful I'd be happy if you'd drop me a mail.
Careware means that if you feel this software is worth paying for, donate something to those in need, rather then to pay me.
I won't enforce any of those but would be happy if you did it.

General License for Non-Commercial Use

All software presented is copyright CFF-Soft, respectively Karl Frank (
You may freely use this software for non-commercial purposes.
It may not be used for commercial purposes without an additional license.
If you distribute any copies, you must include this notice and these conditions must apply to the recipient.
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