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this is SPECIAL K (aka. katy). she is gorgeous and really cool. i met her through nathan. they make music together. she is a great singer and i wish i could sing like her. she goes to friends school (where all the cool people go). we had a fun outing with hunter and susie to wheels even though it was closed. we also went swimming in my disgusting creek. that was fun. i wish we could hang out more and i think you all should meet her because she is special ;)
voici nathan. he looks strange in this pict and he is by far one of the weirdest/hyperactive people ive met. he also goes to friends school. he has a perverted little brother that creeps me out. nathan looses all my stuff but its okay. we went to carowinds together and had an 11 out of 10 on the fun scale. he corrupts me. i used to be good until i met him. we share the same musical taste and he is one of the most musically talented people ive ever met. nathan is awesome but needs to call me back once in a while.
this is sara. we hung out when we were little, and uncool. we used to spend everyday at the tennis club because we had nothing to do. then like 5 years passed and we hadn't talked. then one day im minding my own buisness when this psycho girl comes running up to me saying how much she loves radiohead (im wearing a radiohead shirt), i, in the meantime, am scared for my life. we walk down the hall. then we talk on the internet and realize we have the same musical taste. she shows me this freaky pict of us when we were in middle school with ted, and i fear for my life some more. then we become good friends. sara is the coolest sophomore that i know. she wants to kill me because i went to a radiohead concert ;p we play isketch together for hours because we've realized that we still are uncool and have nothing better to do, or wait is that just me? she is awesome and she loves peter. i love sara ;)
this is thad. i met him through sara. thad is cool and very cute. he has a cool name...apparently from doug. he is in a band called no escape my friends think he is "beautiful". i hope that i can convince him that there are some cool juniors at the shitty chhs. ;) yay thad!
so this is ben. im the president of the i-hate-ben-club. ben acts like he doesn't like me, even though he insists he does. he drags me to field hockey games to watch his beloved. yes. ben has cool clothes and good food though. we went swimming in jordan lake in our clothes when it was freezing outside, because we're cool like that. good times. he brings me sunrise. ben thinks hes cool because he plays in a band called primary funktion. they are pretty good minus ben. anyway. i think we should all point and laugh at him, because hes cool and i love him.