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just as a dog would bite the hand that feeds it, i shall loathe the hand that strikes me. why can people see the beauty in my soul and yet his heart goes untamed. horrors flutter by him..and his eyes remain the same. not a tear shed no a feeling felt. yet i always pity him. coming back to make sure hes okay when all i need is for him to ask if im okay. but im not. years of pent-up feelings, years of searching for that mysteriously empty place in my heart which should be filled with his love yet its full of hate. maybe one day he'll understand that happiness doesn't come from a 40 oz. but his daughter. one a year im lavished with his presence yet while i want to cherish it, he wants to take me to a bar. 'its okay you look 21' but i dont want to. how will i make him see the feelings inside of me. yet there is nothing to see. just the beauty in me, and if he can't see then i'll just be me.