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'Thou art to me a delicious torment'
-ralph waldo emerson

and yet you know who you are. my desires hidden deep in my pool of thoughts. trying my best to make you notice without seeming like it. truly you drive me mad yet when i look upon your eyes i see nothing but peace. a longing for the unknown. for i have never met anyone like you, and yet it goes un-noticed. the way my life goes. un-noticed. but how can i make you see into your thoughts? what are your desires. if only i could spend a day in your shoes that i would truly be satisfied, but until then, i shall wait. for my day to come. for now i must wait. wait for the time that you make your mind. for i have and i shall pursue you even though it is wrong and i know it. yet you make it all seem so far away for i am lost in your
eyes and your challanges.